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continuous noise - My Projects On GitHub

These are my projects on

Visit my homepage for information about me and my projects.

daily noise - My Blog

  Problems where I have found a solution for or just things worth mentioning.

white noise - My commented links page

  Here I simply list links I where I cannot add much more to the content,

  I could need again and where I make comments for myself.


  Here I share what I do with MQ Telemetry Transfer.


  A small framework to create HTML files in Groovy.

  I have started it on 20180623, it is far from being finished.

  You can see how it works by looking at the Spock unit tests.


Raspberry Pi / Retropie

  I have a bunch of Raspberry Pi systems I use for development and for playing Arcade classics.

  Here you find my notes / blog posts to these topics.

Wartbar / CISystem

  Here you find my blog posts about my CISystem project on

Computer Language Comparison

My comparison of language features between Groovy, Python, Kotlin and Swift.